Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sprint to the finish

We've all been very busy these past few weeks at the SII. We've had everything from pizza parties, letter-writing nights, a spring retreat, a baseball night,  a social justice campaign, and a graduation party. Thanks to everyone for a great year!

Pizza Night

All writing letters to Deirdre

Ready to hit the road for our retreat

Retreat road trip

Nick attacking an imaginary koala

An enchanting night of improv

Game night. Go Giants!

The guys supporting Not For Sale

Ingrid and Emily share info about Not For Sale

Tim is eager to learn more about the Not For Sale campaign.

Fr. Privett celebrates 50 years as a Jesuit

SII Grad Dinner

Happy birthday, Fr. Sean!

Barbara, me, and Prof. Lannan

The original group of troublemakers, plus Fr. Sean (who lets us get away with it)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Casino Night!

Lady luck was on our side as Scott and Wade hosted SII Casino Night. There was poker, blackjack and even Scrabble (this is SII, after all!).

Scott channels the "Are you feeling lucky? Well do ya, punk?" vibe
Wade shuffles while Steven tries his hand at blackjack.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Tonight was Children's Book Night at SII. We each brought in our favorite children's book to share and Barbara brought in a big stack too! Eric started off by reading The Runaway Bunny, then Julia thrilled us with Where the Wild Things Are, followed by Eddie who spooked us with a scary Calvin and Hobbes story. I jumped in with The Pain and the Great One, followed by Danny with Make Way for Ducklings and Quin with The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse. No story night would be complete without some yummy cookies and hot cocoa!

Classic children's books galore!
Eric reads The Runaway Bunny.
Steven, Fr. Sean, Quinn and Barbara enjoy listening.
Julia reads Where the Wild Things Are
Eddie reads Calvin and Hobbes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SII Spring 2011

Today was our very first SII night of Spring 2011 and we had a HUGE turnout! Fr. Sean presided over the Mass [St. Paul's conversion was especially pertinent to everyone as we started a new semester and a new calendar year!]. Mass was followed by a yummy pizza and cake social. It was great getting together as a whole group for the first time this semester!

Monday, December 20, 2010

SII Christmas (Continued)

I found my camera cord! Hoorah! As promised, here are some photos from our fabulous SII Christmas party.

Annie, Kyle, and Tahoma

Pretty presents under the tree

Jenny, our very own SII reindeer

Julia, Fr. Sean, and Brenna

Barbara serves up the best hot cider!


Caroler cupcakes. Aren't they cute?

Me and Irene.

Deirdre explains the rules for white elephant.

Sarah has a happy banana.

Candace has a great idea!

Don't mess with Scott. He has a chalice (and a tie).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An SII Christmas

First of all, please allow me to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I took dozens of pictures on Tuesday but my camera cord has inexplicably disappeared, so I can't upload my pictures until I find it. With that said, I'll try to be as descriptive as I can without boring you to tears.
Now then, let's play a game called Two Truths and a Lie. Ready? Here we go.

a) We had our SII Christmas party this week.
b) We had tons of food, ugly sweaters, and a white elephant gift exchange.
c) It's finals week so people don't want to party.

So, which two are true? If you brilliantly answered a and b, congratulations! You have just won a spiritual pat on the back from me. There. It just happened. Did you miss it?

In all seriousness, we did have a seriously good time. Barbara as always did a fantastic job coordinating everything, especially the lovely eats. The event included a table cloth, party plates, hot cider and all. People were kind enough to contribute their own goodies: cookies, chips, crackers, cheese, caroler cupcakes, celery (basically any food you can think of that begins with the letter "c").

I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of participating in an official Ugly Sweater Party. I've always wanted to go to a party wearing something ugly (on purpose). Finally the pointing, stares, and laughter directed at me was something I actually welcomed-- rather than the usual sweat-inducing, face-flushing embarrassment of an unintentional fashion faux pas. Just kidding guys.... Haha.... No really, it's ok to laugh. Some people decorated their own sweaters, some dressed up as reindeer, Kyle even had this awesome one with vintage golfers depicted on it. Classy! I donned (get it?) a particularly atrocious acrylic yarn item that belonged to my mom in the 80s. In fact, it was her maternity sweater she wore the Christmas she was pregnant with me. Thus in a sense, this was the second time I was in that sweater. Hahaha!!! Well. Enough of that.

We also had a wonderful white elephant gift exchange, facilitated by the vocally gifted Deirdre. Gifts ranged from school spirited socks and a light bulb to toy guns and a framed photo of our patron saint. Everyone gets an A+ for creativity. I remember participating one year in a white elephant gift exchange and someone had wrapped a half-used bottle of hot sauce from the cafeteria. Boo. This year, everyone put thought and effort into it. Yay!

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped coordinate this year's SII Christmas. From our crazy family to yours (crazy or not): Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and in a few weeks, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SII Thanksgiving

We had a lovely SII Thanksgiving dinner in The Handlery Room. Not to brag, but it's pretty fancy. It was a great evening of friends, food, and fun.